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How to achieve pre pregnancy weight loss

If you are overweight or obese, doctors will always insist that you need to lose some pounds before conceiving. That is, of course, if it is possible to do so. Conceiving and going on a pregnancy with an obese or unhealthy body is harmful to you and your baby, therefore you should consult with your doctor to know how much weight you can lose before pregnancy. Here are pre pregnancy weight loss tips which can also help increase your chances of conceiving.

9 steps for pre pregnancy weight loss

   1. Reduce your calorie intake

As a way to eat less than you're eating currently, you can introduce new diets by replacing the food you normally eat with healthier foods. For a start, you can subtract a thousand calories from your current intake for the first few days then try to reduce more. If you are able to eat less 1000 calories each day, you can comfortably lose 1-2 pounds a week.

      2. Calculate your Body Mass Index to know what you can lose

By knowing the amount of weight you can lose, you also know how long it will take to see results. Losing two pounds a week is the most optimal pre-pregnancy weight loss rate recommended by doctors.

      3. Start out easy

Beginnig to exercise your body in order to lose weight naturally, you need to be easy on your body for the first few days. A rigorous 1 hour workout on the first day is sure to leave your body sour, but if you begin with a 20 minute exercise each day, slowly staying longer, you won't get the urge to quit midway.

      4. If possible, spread the exercise across the day

You might not have enough time to exercise for over an hour at a time, but if you do a 30 minute workout before work and another before dinner, this is still perfect.

      5. Stop diets that will be harmful to your baby

Even though you have not conceived yet, it is good to start a new diet that supports pregnancy and even fertility in the first place. There have been reports of women gaining weight after conceiving because of their diet.

      6. Start including prenatal vitamin in your diet

Being a mother to be, prenatal vitamins has all the supplements that are essential during the first few weeks after conception.

    7. Always consult your doctor 

Having your doctor or even your Gyn advise you on pre pregnacny weight loss is always a good thing. Your doctor can prescribe a diet, an apetitie suppressant or if you are on medication, decide whether you should stop or carry on.

    8. Pay the Nutritionist a visit

Your doctor may know your body well, but a nutritionist will help you plan your diet better in readiness for pregnancy.

Wrapping it up

Trying to lose weight while already pregnant is not something most doctors would recommend, since its advisable to only reduce weight gain henceforth. This means that you should try to achieve pre pregnancy weight loss through the only trusted methods that make up this article: Dieting and exercise.


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