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How to achieve pre pregnancy weight loss

If you are overweight or obese, doctors will always insist that you need to lose some pounds before conceiving. That is, of course, if it is possible to do so. Conceiving and going on a pregnancy with an obese or unhealthy body is harmful to you and your baby, therefore you should consult with your doctor to know how much weight you can lose before pregnancy. Here are pre pregnancy weight loss tips which can also help increase your chances of conceiving.

9 steps for pre pregnancy weight loss    1. Reduce your calorie intake As a way to eat less than you're eating currently, you can introduce new diets by replacing the food you normally eat with healthier foods. For a start, you can subtract a thousand calories from your current intake for the first few days then try to reduce more. If you are able to eat less 1000 calories each day, you can comfortably lose 1-2 pounds a week.
2. Calculate your Body Mass Index to know what you can lose By knowing the amount of weight you can lose, y…

Pregnancy weight loss: possible? Why not!

So after you start your pregnancy you realize you are already gaining a lot of unnecessary weight. You are confused about it, you are not sure whether to go on a diet or something… These situations sound familiar? You’re not alone. Statistics actually show that Pregnancy weight loss is a major concern since more than half of pregnant women are either overweight or obese already. When are you considered overweight? Anyone whose pre-pregnancy body mass index [BMI] is between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight, the BMI being the relationship between weight and height. If you have a BMI of anything over 29.9, you are considered obese. How do I calculate my BMI, you ask? Well, there are many tools to do that, and if you don’t have one already, try this one.
How to achieve pregnancy weight lossWhile pregnancy is not the best time to embark on a weight loss program, there are still ways to lose weight without going on a diet. You don’t necessarily have to restrict your nutritional intake, …

The 1000 calories weight reduction diet explained

If you have been searching around the web for how to lose a few pounds as quick as possible, you must have come across the 1000 calories weight diet reduction diet.  This is a very restricted diet, and your doctor will tell you it’s only recommended for medium to small framed women, mostly those who do little exercise or none at all. It’s not all bad news for this diet, though, as it is among the surefire ways to lose weight fast. If you intend to try this diet, nutritional balance is one of the most important factors to maintain. This will ensure your long term weight loss program goes on smoothly, while you remain healthy.  When done correctly, health professionals project a weight loss of 1 – 3 pounds a week. In this 1000 calories weight reduction diet, we are going to make a simple yet well packed, tasty and nutritious diet – you’ll love it! Before we get to the 1000 calories weight reduction diet, there are some guidelines you first need to take note of:·Dramatic and efficient as…