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5 bathroom color ideas you should never ignore

We often make this mistake of neglecting our bathrooms with the notion that “It’s just a room for my sanitary ware”. This is wrong because you should not ignore it and make it a part of the sanitary ware effects in your mind. You should have a bathroom that’s inviting such that you feel connected to it and always want make it look even more attractive.
Here are the ideas
1.        Check Mate.

Many of us can admit that their bathrooms have a single color with no mixture or pattern at all. However, being creative and adding something between the ceiling and the tiles in your bathroom can make you something you would really melt for.
You can apply any bold stripe of checked designs across the wall with a color of your choice, just ensure the colors are attractive in order to give a unique scheme.
You can find any attractive shades of color easily, but just make sure you are able to find shades that form a beautiful pattern for your bathroom.

2.       Going Yellow

Despite being overlooked a lot by most bathroom owners, this bathroom color idea has a great ability to transform your bathroom into something very appealing.
To paint your bathroom yellow, Delhi Bazaar 3 is the #1 recommended sheen paint that allows you to mix colors and is resistant to both steam and moisture.

3.       Paint the items in your bathroom

This bathroom color idea is important to make use of in case you cannot paint the entire wall of your bathroom. Items like doors of bathroom vanity sinks and the front of the bath can be painted with colors that brings a modern look. A good recommendation would be the mercury 1 together with Hawaiian Blue 1, but you can go for others that give you the looks of your choice.

4.        Combine bright with tonal taupe

Once again if you are not in a position to paint your bathroom walls, these combination gives a great effect on your bathroom when you combine them with glossy bathroom counter tops and any other accessories you may have.

5.       Keep it Hot and Cold.
We all know opposites blend well, or as people like to say; attract. What I mean here is you can maintain your normal bathroom wall color (which you think is boring) but introduce Mulberry burst around the bath to bring a sparkle in the ‘boring’ bathroom.

   I hope these bathroom color ideas listed above help you change the look of your bathroom. Of course there are more ways you can modify these ideas to suit you. It all takes a creative mind.



  1. What an informative article, looking foward to applying these tips


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