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 Who opens the door for who?


                       Man and woman

Traditionally, the man would open the door for the woman, and that’s still fine to do, but no
longer widely expected as sociology has changed due to the changes in roles that were once played by a specific gender only.
 Today, what mostly happens is that whoever arrives at the door first opens it and holds it open for
another person. This, however, is regardless of gender.

Man and man Again, the person who arrives first opens the door and holds it, unless one of the men happens to
be elderly or his arms are full with packages.
Woman and woman
Same as man-man.
Man who insists on opening the door for a woman
The woman may think the courtesy is dated, but it’s still a courtesy. She should say, “Thank
Elderly person and younger adult
The more capable person opens the door.
Boss and employee
Rank does apply here. Junior executives open doors for senior executives. If your boss happens
to …

How to ask for a Raise at the Office

Asking your boss for a raise, especially in a tough economy, takes preparation and finesse. It never really comes that easy. There is always that tinge of uneasiness creeping in and the dread of your request being taken the wrong way leading to one thing we all dread - Losing our job.
Honestly, the degree of difficulty here is high, but I am going to cover some ways that can be applied to ease this ice-breaking process.

What You need:

  >Courage (more than anything else)
  >A piece of paper

Step 1
Keep a journal in which you make note of all contributions you make to the company that go
above and beyond what you were hired to do. If you assisted in the creation of a spreadsheet that
saved the company time or money, jot it down, because that is the kind of detail you might forget
when the time comes to make your case for a raise.

Step 2
Merit Not Tenure: Remember that you don’t deserve a raise just because you’ve been in the same position for years, You deserve a raise i…